Injuries and Concussion Reporting

Injuries unfortunately happens from time to time in hockey, despite everyone's best effort to minimize risks.

If a player is hurt while participating in a hockey activity, whether a game, practice, or team event, please make sure to reach out to one of your team's Hockey Canada Safety Person as soon as possible (each team should have at least 2).

The HCSP will perform a quick assessment of the player and recommend a course of action. This can include:

  • A short period of rest before returning to play
  • First aid
  • An assessment from a medical professional

If the HCSP recommend taking the player off the ice and/or visit a medical professional, please follow his or her instructions.

As a parent or caregiver, you always have the right to pull your player from the ice at any time, and obtain a medical assessment from a professional irrespective of the HCSP's recommendations.


Return to Play

If your HCSP recommended an assessment from a medical professional, the return to play form MUST be filled by players’ family physician or any authorized clinic stating that the player has been cleared to resume playing with NDMHA.

If your child is playing full contact hockey (normally U15 Rep or higher), you MUST mention this to your medical professional.  Your physician may suggest the player participate in team practices before he/she is fully cleared for contact hockey.

Click here to download the Return to Play form.

Click here to download the Return to Play guidance following a Concussion.

Injury Log

All injuries that occur during team activities must be logged in a team log. This is particularly critical each time:

  • A player is removed for the remainder of the game due to an injury sustained during play.
  • A player is injured during a practice whether on or off ice.
  • A player is forced to leave a game or practice for unknown medical reasons (this includes sudden illnesses).

Click here to download the Team Injury Log.


Hockey Canada Injury Report Form

All injuries where a player or a covered team official must be removed from play due to an accident that occured during a sanctioned event (game, practice, sanctioned team event) must be documented using the Hockey Canada Injury Form.

The injury report form must be completed by a team official, the injured party (or his/her parents/caregivers), and their physician or dentist, and be submitted to BC Hockey within 90 days of the injury if any expenses are foreseen to be beyond those covered by provincial health care insurance or any other supplementary insurance they may possess. Invoices can be submitted for up to 52 weeks after the injury date.

Please note that Hockey Canada National Insurance Program provides supplemental insurance, and that injured parties should submit claims to their regular insurance plans first.

Please email a copy of any injury report form completed to

Click here to download the Hockey Canada Injury Report Form.