Sportsmanship is an aspiration or ethos that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own sake. This is with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one's competitors.

The following resources below are provided for parents and spectators to consider their impact on the game and remember that our aim is to promote the enjoyment and satisfaction of hockey for all participants and volunteers.  

Sportsmanship starts in the stands

Sportsmanship starts in the stand - introduction video

Sportsmanship Starts in the Stand is a parent program introduced by BC Hockey in partnership with the Vancouver Canucks.

The slides available below provide a reminder of the roles and expectations towards parents in minor hockey.

Link to Sportsmanship Starts in the Stands slideshow

Keeping Your Cool in the Stands

Hey parents!

The following self-reflection exercise allows you to evaluate yourselves. Give yourselves one point for every statement that rings true:

  • The safety of the participants in the game is more important than the final score.
  • I value the contribution of the coach in developing the player’s talents, even though I may not always agree with their methods.
  • I understand that officials do not make the hockey rules, they only apply them.
  • I understand that children learn from adults, and my behavior reflects what I want children to learn.
  • I understand that officials are responsible to ensure that the game is played in a safe and fair manner for all participants.
  • I understand that players, coaches and officials are learning the game, and mistakes will be made in the learning process.
  • I may not cheer for the opposition team, but I will also not cheer against them or verbally abuse them.
  • I understand that the biggest reason for players and officials quitting the
    game is abuse and harassment.

How did you rate?

0-2 Step back and check your motives for being involved in the game
3-4 On your way!
5-6 Almost there!
7-8 Outstanding!

When players, coaches, parents and officials recognize the value of each person’s contribution to the game, the game is better for everyone.

Lessons from Behind the Glass

Don't force your passion, you child will find their own
Leave you baggage at home
Parents see hockey through a different set of eyes
Before you yell at your child for their performance on the ice, take a look at your conduct in the stands
Raise a Good Person who loves to play hockey, not just a Good Hockey Player
Nothin in hockey is free, but it's the cost that teaches you the most
Enjoy the ride. The game will be over before you know it
Play through the Politics
Your dreams shouldn't cost your integrity
Let go of the control you never had in the first place