Risk Management

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For specific qualifications and information please see seperate headings under Programs - Risk Manager

It is the responsibility of the Risk Manager for NDMHA to be the "Conscience" of our Association.  The goal is to remind people to make decisions and take actions that reflect good common sense and to recognize the necessity to provide a safe environment for the participants within the rules and regulations (authority) of ND Hockey, B.C. Hockey and Hockey Canada. A risk manager wants to always ensure that our Association provides fairness, responsibility, and safety in the operation of hockey within our community.

Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or concerns regarding risk management within North Delta

Kristine Trueman
Tel: 604.219.3389
Email: riskmanager@ndhockey.com

Thinking of Volunteering as a Team Official – read on for the requirements

All NDMHA volunteers who come into contact with children must undergo a Criminal Record Check and must take Respect in Sport. This includes members who serve in the following capacities:

Board members / Coaches and Assistant Coaches / Hockey Canada Safety Person* / Team Manager

*Hockey Canada requires one certified Hockey Canada Safety Person team official be on the team players bench, or within view, in order that the team be declared eligible for competition. NDMHA would like to encourage 2 per team


New Head Contact Rule

This rule is in effect immediately.  Basically ANY contact to the head whether accidental or intentional will result in a penalty.  The Rule states, ". . . any player who accidentally contacts an opponent in the head, face or neck with their stick or any part of the player's body or equipment."  This is a four minute penalty and if the referee determines that it was intentional a stiffer penalty will be given.  ALL contact above the shoulders is to be called Head Contact.

To read the complete Rule please visit the Hockey Canada website.  The new Rule is 6.5 Head Contact in the Referee's Case Book.

Helpful Links and Safety Information

Tools for HCSP's

BC Hockey Risk Management page where you will find the latest risk management newsletters, bulletins and articles of interest

BC Hockey Injury Log

Emergency Action Plan

Hockey Canada Injury Reports are to be filled in completely by The parents, Team Official, Doctor and then submitted directly to Hockey Canada and keep a copy for yourself. Email the riskmanager@ndhcockey.com to advise of this incident.

Dressing Room Mandate: The “TWO MAN RULE" in the dressing room is to be always in place and never compromised for any reason what so ever.  We can not emphasize how important it is for everyone to adhere to this very important policy as it is in place not only for the kids protection, but yours as team officials as well.

General Information

Yellow Card - ND Hockey and other Hockey Associations are being vigilant to insure the safety and freedom from abuse of all officials, coaching staff and players.  Read more.

Traveling for tournaments outside the Lower Mainland - All teams must complete the following form and submit to the ND Hockey Office for approval prior to traveling. Team Travel Approval Form

Return to Play Process for Concussions
Concussion Awareness Card (CATT)

Hockey Rink Etiquette for Parents

Athletes Foot

Energy Drinks

Ice Hockey Injuries Information

Keeping your cool in the Stands