CATT - Concussion Awareness Training Tool


** NEW** Concussion Awareness Training Tool

BC Hockey announced June 27, 2016 that all BC Hockey team officials are required to be qualified in the Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) prior to their participation in any practice or game starting for the 2016 – 2017 season.

As a sports leader, BC Hockey is bringing concussion awareness to the forefront to ensure the safety of all participants and that team officials are aware and educated on concussion protocol and the Hockey Canada return to play procedure.

In November 2015, the BC Hockey Development Committee listened to a presentation on the CATT online course and put forward a recommendation to mandate the course.  This was presented and passed at the BC Hockey Annual General Meeting.  BC Hockey is the first Hockey Canada Branch to require team officials to complete CATT.

“The BC Hockey membership should be applauded for their dedication to player safety.  By implementing the CATT certification, they have taken a big step forward in concussion awareness and prevention,” said BC Hockey Chief Executive Officer, Barry Petrachenko.  “Their commitment to educating coaches, parents and players about concussion management is the latest example of our focus on the player and the enhancement of the minor hockey experience for our participants.”

“BC Hockey is setting a precedence by taking concussions seriously and being the first province to make concussion education mandatory for coaches or anyone required to be on the ice,” commented Dr. Shelina Babul, Associate Director, Sports Injury Specialist I BC Injury Research & Prevention Unit.  “By raising the level of awareness and education on concussion prevention, recognition and management, we can ensure the safety of all registered hockey players in BC and the Yukon.”

This 40 minute online course is free for BC Hockey members and required before taking part in any practice or game.

CLICK HERE to take CATT course.

“This is an important step for BC Hockey, by potentially increasing the awareness and prevention of concussions in hockey.  BC Hockey is pleased and proud of our membership in realizing the value in this program,” added BC Hockey Safety Coordinator, Anne Deitch.  “Safety and education are primary focuses of BC Hockey.  This initiative of partnering with CATT just solidifies our dedication to making the game safe for all participants.”

CATT provides up-to-date concussion education for parents and coaches. It includes video lessons and resources to effectively prevent, recognize and manage a players recovery.  The program was developed by the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit and endorsed by The Province of British Columbia, Provincial Health Services Authority and Child Health BC.  For more information, please visit the website at