Game on!


Atom Division

Welcome to the 2018-19 Hockey Season! Schedule has been sent to all parents and skates begin on September 6th. 

Kids will all skate as one Group. Please note that I have labeled our possible evaluation skate days as well. This is how our final teams are determined so please make sure to have your child there.


Ice Times 
September 6th - 6:45-8PM                   GPF - A
Septmeber 8th - 10:30-11:30AM          NDRC (Development)
September 10th - 6AM-7:30AM            NDRC
September 13th - 6:45-8PM                 GPF - C
September 15th - 11:45AM-12:45PM   NDRC (POSSIBLE EVALUATION SKATE)
September 17th - 6-7:30AM                 NDRC
September 20th - 6:45-8PM                 GPF - C (POSSIBLE SCRIMMAGE EVALUATION)
September 22nd - 7-8AM                     NDRC (Development)

Tara Winterbottom