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​Now is the time to make your practices more complex by increasing individual and tactic drills. Ensure that you keep a good skills to tactic ratio and follow the LTPD and Hockey Canada guidelines. For references go to the Drills and Practice Plan segment under the Development section or contact me directly. Preparing for playoffs!


Player Development is a priority for NDMHA. The LTPD is our main focus for all levels.There are 3 streams that each player has the opportunity to participate.

Team development- Players are placed on teams and are provided practice times that are organized and run by our selected coaches.

Player Development- These sessions are organized and run by Craig Sherbaty and scheduled throughout the season on a regular basis.

Pay Per Use Development- These sessions are organized and run by Craig Sherbaty. They are extra sessions which are for players and families that require or want to accelerate the players abilities faster through these sessions and allow for more repetitions of skills and tactics needed to play at a higher level. 

Player development is broken down into 4 phases:

1-Puck control and shooting (proper techniques to increase the players abilities with the puck)

2-Power skating (proper techniques to increase speed and agility)

3-Battle and compete (to increase the players intensity for benefits in game play)

4-Team tactics (to increase the players knowledge on how to play and proper decision making)

Questions or inquiries contact:

Craig Sherbaty

Director of Hockey Operation

North Delta Minor Hockey Association